The Wines

Château Haut Selve is the only creation of vineyard in Bordeaux in the 20th Century. The vineyard was planted in the historical Graves Appellation area over a pine forest where vines used to grow 120 years ago.

About Us

“Our ambition to found a new and great vineyard was at the origin of Château Haut Selve, a unique creation ex nihilo – in 1993 – on the lands of a property reputed in the 19th century but which had since disappeared, lying fallow for one hundred and twenty years further to the spread of grapevine phylloxera.

With infinite care we cleared trees, prepared the land and planted the vines taking pains to ensure the quick and deep growth of their roots in order to create an ideal terroir for the Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety. All that was needed was to design a technologically innovative cellar to serve our wines. We wanted it to be sustainable and reflect its era. Our ambition required talented men. The team we assembled was enthusiastic and daring, driven by the quest of excellence and a taste for challenge. We enlisted Sylvain Dubuisson, an architect and designer renowned amongst his peers, Vincent Barré to design the landscape, the railings, the doors and the entrance gates as well as the Biarritz-based architect firm, Cohérence.

Château Haut Selve came into existence at the dawn of the 21st century. Its motto, “Non Nova Sed Nove”, (With the present, make and build for the future), illustrates the presiding passion of its making which remains ours today.”

Arnaud and Denis Lesgourgues, Owners

Since its creation, Haut Selve vineyard has been conducted with sustainable practices and global environment care. The Chateau obtained both Terra Vitis and HVE3 certifications in 2018, proof of its involvement and hard working.